Open Positions


We currently need the services of an IT expert, a security agent, a laboratory technician, a biostatistician, a bioinformatician, a cleaner, a driver, etc.

NiDNA Workshop (27th-30th September, 2023)

We had a 2-weeks hands-on training on AI/ML methods for drug discovery in parallel with the Biomedical Technicians Training (BTT), followed by a 3 days drug discovery hybrid workshop under the theme “Artificial Intelligence, Computational and Medicinal Chemistry-based Approaches for Antiviral Drug Discovery”. The workshop gathered experts from the fields of natural products chemistry, chemical synthesis, nanotechnology and AI/ML, who gave informative and enriching talks on antiviral research.  

Computational Approaches in Secondary Metabolites Discovery (CAiSMD)

27th-29th February 2024

On February 2024, the UB-CeDD held the 3rd edition of the Computational Approaches in Secondary Metabolites Discovery (CAiSMD) workshop. Partcipants were exposed to key lectures and hands-on sessions on computational tools applied in natural products research. We would like to acknowledge the speakers for their input and their availability to facilitate the different sessions. A special thanks to our partners and the TMS foundation for their technical support through out the workshop.